Services That Grow Your Channel Pipeline

Partner Adoption

The success of your channel marketing program depends heavily on the participation of your channel partners. By maximizing the number of partners engaging with and deploying your campaigns, you’re able to significantly amplify your marketing efforts and, in turn, increase your revenue exponentially.

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By running your partner adoption efforts through StructuredWeb, you’re able to address the most significant hurdle in this process: overcoming partners’ limited time and marketing resources. By communicating with, and marketing directly to, your partners, you’re able to simultaneously build awareness of your brand and highlight the benefits of enrolling in your marketing enablement program. Plus, StructuredWeb provides you visibility into which partners are participating and how often, which is used to calculate a score for each partner and enables you to focus your efforts where they’re best received.

Ultimately, StructuredWeb increases the rate of adoption while lowering the cost of adoption marketing. Plus, it can be entirely automated, run through a marketing agency, one of our affiliated global agencies, or one of our trained Partner Adoption Specialists. Only with StructuredWeb Partner Adoption does a decrease in effort and cost lead to an increase in overall adoption rates — and, in turn, revenue.

Marketing Concierge Services

Rapid attrition rates and low adoption rates are often the results of limitations on partners’ time and resources, as well as the lure of competition. StructuredWeb’s Marketing Concierge Service takes an unparalleled approach to partner participation by empowering you or an agency to deploy campaigns on any given partner’s (or groups of partners’) behalf, or to have StructuredWeb do this execution for you.

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Through Marketing Concierge Services, you’re able to provide your partners with full-service marketing support, including both marketing execution and ongoing marketing assistance. This assistance can range from campaign planning to content customization, lead management, and campaign analysis.

As always, StructuredWeb is an agency-agnostic platform, so you can employ your own agency to support your partners, or you can use one of StructuredWeb’s affiliated global agencies or even our internal trained Concierge Specialists. Whatever the method, you and your partners can sit back and watch the leads roll in.


Creative Services

StructuredWeb can simplify and streamline your campaign development from start to finish. We understand that providing high quality, lead generating marketing materials is a key component to deploying successful campaigns — but we also understand that channel partners often lack the resources to develop these materials on their own.

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With our Creative Services option, StructuredWeb takes over the creative reigns — from campaign development to copywriting, design, deployment, and everything in-between. In the end, you’re able to create, customize, and deploy high-quality marketing materials with ease.

To maximize flexibility, these creative tools can be managed by your team, by a team of StructuredWeb’s own creatives, or by an external creative agency you prefer. For the highest quality creative output, StructuredWeb functions as an open collaboration platform where all of your marketing agencies and service providers can come together to create your marketing messages. In the end, though, StructuredWeb provides the creative and design tools, and it’s up to your team to decide how best to use them - either StructuredWeb can do the work for you, or we can empower your own resources to work in our system.


Telemarketing &
Lead Qualification

Data shows that the brands with the highest conversion rates and revenue all institute four proven processes: systematically capturing all incoming prospects, qualifying these prospects through telemarketing, nurturing them until they’re certified as qualified leads, and then passing them along to partners at the right moment.

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With StructuredWeb, telemarketing and lead qualification integrate the vendor’s lead qualification processes into the same end-to-end platform where your marketing is already taking place. Seamlessly, all leads generated from campaigns executed within StructuredWeb can be entered into powerful, predefined nurturing programs or delivered directly to sales teams as qualified leads.

Brands that choose to integrate their own third-party telemarketing agencies can now benefit from complete visibility into their lead qualification activities. All activities are tracked step by step and lead by lead, ensuring that execution rates are high and errors can be remedied day in and day out.


Channel Marketing Consulting

Want to grow your channel pipeline? Want to implement the best channel marketing strategies? Want to expand your presence in the channel?

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Our channel consulting team can provide you with strategic advice on how to build and expand your channel marketing operations. Combining best practice channel marketing programs with sales enablement initiatives and digital marketing strategies, our advisors can help you implement effective marketing practices, so you can optimize your resources and increase your marketing ROI.

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Support & Training

 We are there for you whenever you need us! StructuredWeb is dedicated to providing our customers and partners with the very best support and training, wherever and whenever! We work with you, so you can maximize & leverage our technologies - and drive demand for your products.

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Support Includes:

  • Online Support Center
  • Dedicated team of channel marketing advisors
  • Tutorial Videos and Webinar Series
  • Live Phone Support
  • Online Chat


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