• StructuredWeb Channel Marketing

    Easier for Partners. Smarter for Vendors.

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  • We’re revolutionizing Channel Marketing by doing what great technology is meant to do:

    We Make the Complex Simple

    we make the complex simple

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    StructuredWeb Channel MarketingEasier for Partners. Smarter for Vendors.

  • Learn how the most advanced insights And analytics = Smarter Channel Marketing.

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    StructuredWeb Channel Marketing

    Easier for Partners. Smarter for Vendors.

StructuredWeb Channel Marketing:
The best partner experience.
Superior vendor data.

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Streamline Your Channel Marketing

StructuredWeb helps you connect your teams, channel partners, and agencies to execute marketing programs that drive demand and increase revenue.

  • Increase Partner

    Improve partner engagement with simplified recruitment and onboarding
  • Build Campaigns

    Reduce your time to market with easy-to-use content management tools
  • Reduce Marketing Overhead

    Scale your channel marketing with automated workflows and easy program setup
  • Simplify Technology

    Maximize your channel marketing investment with one fully integrated SaaS platform


Drive Demand Through Your Channel Partners

StructuredWeb makes it easy for you to reach more customers and scale your ability to automate marketing programs for 1000s of channel partners at the same time.

  • Ready to Execute Campaigns

    Enable your partners with pre-made and fully integrated campaigns that are ready to be launched at the push of a button.

  • Maximize Your Reach

    Leverage your partners’ local presence, through email, social, web visitors, to drive demand and generate more leads.

  • Scalable Marketing Automation

    Execute automated and targeted marketing campaigns for any number of partners simultaneously.

Amplify the reach of your channel partners with over 15 integrated
marketing tactics, all from one platform.

  • Email
  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Webinar
  • Events
  • Video
  • AdWords
  • Display
  • Retargeting
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Microsites
  • Catalogs
  • Documents

Increase Conversion And Expand Your
Channel Pipeline

StructuredWeb helps you support your partners with the best lead nurturing
programs to get the most out of your partner marketing activities

  • Capture

    Provide partners with effective lead capture tools to generate more qualified leads.

  • Nurture

    Automate nurturing programs that turn warm leads into opportunities.

  • Score

    Qualify and score leads to make sure they get the attention they deserve.

  • Convert

    Send timely lead alerts to partners sales teams, and increase your conversion rates.

Improve Performance With Real-Time
Channel Analytics

StructuredWeb gives you the power to aggregate your channel marketing data, so you can increase partner performance, optimize campaigns, and maximize marketing ROI.

Big Data

Aggregate all your partner results so you can spot market trends and opportunities


Measure and track impressions, partners, and campaigns with real time visibility


Raise the bar on
partner performance
and easily optimize
campaigns within


Leverage your
analytics with closed loop reporting and maximize your revenue marketing ROI

Translate and Localize Channel Marketing Content in

50+ Languages

1000s of channel partners all around the world are using StructuredWeb’s Channel Marketing Platform to drive demand for their products.


StructuredWeb Enables Some of the Largest Channel
Marketing Programs in the World

“The partner engagement and ability to drive marketing with StructuredWeb’s tools changed our partners attitude about marketing in general. We were able to reach ROI that is scalable and repeatable across different segments and markets.”

Senior Director, Global Partner Marketing, Cisco Systems

“It is difficult to go out and have a high-touch partner engagement with large partner networks. Just giving partners marketing assets does not work anymore. You need to be able to execute marketing on behalf of your partners and then measure the results in real time. StructuredWeb gave us both the marketing tools and visibility so we could develop and scale our partner enablement program”

Michael Hopfinger, Director of US Marketing, Comstor


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